With a silken voice from the heyday of jazz set to flowing piano with classical influences, Shraddha Pai & Nat Edgar reinterpret jazz standards with elegance. Add a touch of Paris Café to transport you to the City of Lights, along with jazz interpretations from popular culture, and this stylish duo guarantees an evening of delight for all audiences. The perfect combination for an intimate audience at a dinner venue or private event.

Live Sampler video Recorded June 2019 at Alchemy Bar, Toronto.https://youtu.be/SfZAr4IbyWw
Full-length video: Jazz standard: “Caravan” Recorded June 26 2019 at Alchemy Bar, Toronto.https://youtu.be/EtWnNdNHDJI

Live recording: Full length: Paris Café: “La vie en Rose”. Recorded June 26 2019 at Alchemy Bar, Toronto.

We are also available as a jazz quartet for larger events; visit Lady Pi & the Prismaticks for more info.