Shraddha Pai is an emerging artist and vocalist whose wide repertoire spans classic jazz and swing, Paris café melodies, and Bollywood. Her international upbringing (Dubai, India and North America) exposed her to a mix of influences and languages, which shapes her style and repertoire. 

Shraddha’s voice has been described as being versatile, from silken smooth to brassy, with a classic quality belonging to the Jazz Era. She brings an authenticity to interpreting song, which creates a strong connection with audiences.

Shraddha collaborates widely as a solo artist. She also leads the classic jazz band LADY PI AND THE PRISMATICKS and performs as featured vocalist in the Bollywood band, THE CULTURE CRIMINALS.

Shraddha is based in Toronto, Canada.
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She is also on Facebook at @ladypimusic, and on Instagram (@ladypimusic).

Photo credit: Gayatri Pai Stein